About Auditions

Anyone who wants to be part of this summer camp experience in welcome! The audition process is a way for us to meet students prior to camp and cast the show. Everyone will be involved in the musical whether it’s on stage, back stage or somewhere in between.

Note: We understand that summer is a time for families as well and you may have vacations scheduled. Please know that your child’s availability may impact how they are cast in the show.

Audition Requirements

  • Sing a few simple warm up exercises to test vocal range.
  • Sing back a series of pitches the instructor will play on the piano.
  • Sing a song from a Broadway show or Disney movie. It is ideal to have sheet music for the audition (piano music with vocal line). Let us know if you need assistance getting sheet music.
  • Cold read an excerpt from Once on This Island. A cold reading is when you read aloud from a script with no rehearsal, practice, or study in advance.

Audition Dates

Schedule using Calendly below!

  • Saturday, April 9th
  • Saturday, May 7th
  • Saturday, June 4th

What to Bring

  • Copy of Report Card/Latest Grade Report
  • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Completed Child Health Appraisal Form (download)