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  • I understand that students are expected to participate in virtual programming every day. Students are expected to leave the camera on during live work sessions with tutors and classes. Students will dress appropriately for live online meetings. Students are expected to do assigned work and to be present and punctual.
  • I agree to allow the Choir School to use any of the following materials to promote the camp or other ventures directly relating to the Choir School's mission: photographs, videos or audio in which my child appears, and statements, article, names, music, art, photographs, audio recordings, films or videos created by my child and originating from the camp or camp-related activities.
  • I understand that all claims or disputes arising from or related to this agreement shall be brought and maintained in the courts of the state of Delaware, and the I expressly submits to the jurisdiction of such courts. I understand that if I bring legal action against the Choir School, I will be responsible for all legal fees and court fees.
  • As the parent or legal guardian of this student I understand and agree to abide by the policies relating to Internet safety and acceptable use of telecommunication systems. I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes and I will help monitor my child’s use of said systems while at home. I understand, by law, there are exceptions to confidentiality, including mandated reporting of child, elder, and dependent adult abuse as well as safety concerns related to danger to self and danger to others. I hereby give permission for my child to use these technology systems and certify that the information contained on this form is correct.
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Use this form to secure a spot for your child in our Virtual Summer Program. You must fill out a separate form for each child you wish to enroll.